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Written In Situ

by Carrie Lee Connel

A new book of poems by Stratford writer Carrie Lee Connel. Poetry "in the moment" as well as historical and socio-political verse.

$15 (includes shipping). 87pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-23-0 

The Persephone Papers

by Dorothy Nielsen

Poetry exploring both personal and spiritual themes.


$15 (includes shipping). 62pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-00-1 

Snowflake Sleep

by Farrukh Chishtie

Poems that uphold nature and the Earth. By Vancouver-based poet Farrukh Chishtie. 

$15 (includes shipping). 40pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-10-0 

A Song of Milestones

by Jennifer Wenn

Poetry of transformation and discovery. A London author's gender journey. 3rd printing.

$15 (includes shipping). 30pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-21-6 

Another London

by 26 London Writers

The most recent anthology of verse to come out of the Forest City. Featuring twenty-six local poets.

$20(includes shipping). 76pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-11-7 

Regarding Oblivion

by Gregory Wm. Gunn

Scribings of love, as well as earthly and ethereal themes, highlight this book of poems by London author Gregory Wm. Gunn.


$15(includes shipping). 74pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-0-9688885-7-7 

Persona Grata

by Carrie Lee Connel

Love, personal experience, and literary figures are all touched upon in this book of poems by Carrie Lee Connel.

$15 (includes shipping). 42pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-13-1 

Selected Poems 2000-2022

by Andreas Gripp

Over 200 poems, including a number newly written, make up this expanded, 6th Edition of the Selected series by Stratford writer Andreas Gripp.

$20 (includes shipping) 401pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-32-2 

still and unstill

by Andreas Gripp

Photography by Andreas Gripp.

Free PDF. 104pp. Digital Book. 2022 Edition.

ISBN 978-1-927734-33-9

The Best of Afterthoughts

by Various Writers

Afterthoughts was a literary journal of poetry based in London, Ontario, and published poets from Canada, the US, & Internationally.

15 issues were released from 1994 to 2000. This new anthology gathers the best poems, from 46 selected poets, & presents them in a digital anthology. 

Free PDF. 114pp. Digital Book.

ISBN 978-1-927734-25-4

All Here Sail in a River of Light

by Katherine L. Gordon

New 2nd Edition of chapbook. 

Free PDF. 20pp. Digital Book. 

ISBN 978-1-927734-04-9


by Various Writers

A poetry anthology dealing with finality, coda, and epilogue, within the context of our place on this planet. 

Free PDF. Digital Book.

ISBN 978-1-927734-26-1

ghosts & other poems

by D.G. Foley

The poetry debut of Stratford's D.G. Foley.

Poems of present observation, future foreboding, and insightful nostalgia—cohesively presented in the convenience of a digital as well as a printed chapbook.

$15 (includes shipping)

ISBN 978-1-927734-28-5

Road Trips to Nowhere

by Solo

Poetry debut by London's Solo. Powerful, gritty, and meaningful but never succumbing to the didactic. The perfect balance of a youthful maturity of craft and conviction.

$15 (includes shipping)

ISBN 978-1-927734-29-2

A Near Memoir

by Penn Kemp

New poems by Penn Kemp, London's Inaugural Poet Laureate. Poems of place

and family. 

$15 (includes shipping). 

ISBN 978-1-927734-31-5

Day Dreams: 16 odd stories

by Andreas Gripp

A collection of short and flash fiction by Andreas Gripp. 2nd edition, 2021.

Free PDF. 82pp. Digital Book. 

ISBN 978-1-927734-27-8

Earthly & Ethereal Encounters

by Gregory Wm. Gunn

Early poems by London poet Gregory Wm. Gunn. Elegant wordsmithing, romantic new-formalism.

$10 (includes shipping). 52 pp. perfect-bound

ISBN 978-0-9696238-2-8

The Bogified Manuscript

by Carrie Lee Connel

16 tales ghostly and weird by Carrie Lee Connel. 

$20 (includes shipping). 178 pp. Perfect-bound.

ISBN 978-1-927734-36-0

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