Below are all twelve issues of Synaeresis: arts + poetry followed by all eight issues of Beliveau Review. Each contains poetry, occasional flash fiction, visual art, and photography by a variety of Canadian and International artists and writers. To access any of these free Digital Magazines, simply click on the PDF icon beside each cover to read / download.

synaeresis issue one front cover alt.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 1

synaeresis issue two front cover 1.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 2

synaeresis issue three front cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 3

Synaeresis 4 Front Cover (3).jpg

Synaeresis Issue 4

Synaeresis 5 Front Cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 5

Synaeresis 6 Front Cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 6

Synaeresis 7 Front Cover Alt (2).jpg

Synaeresis Issue 7

Synaeresis 8 Front Cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 8

Synaeresis 9 Front Cover Rev (2).jpg

Synaeresis Issue 9

Synaeresis 10 Front Cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 10

Synaeresis 11 Front Cover alt.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 11

Synaeresis 12 Front Cover.jpg

Synaeresis Issue 12

Beliveau Review Issue One Front

Beliveau Review Issue 1

Beliveau Review Issue Three Front Cover.

Beliveau Review Issue 2

Beliveau Review Issue Three Front Cover

Beliveau Review Issue 3

Beliveau Review Issue Four Front Cover.j

Beliveau Review Issue 4

Beliveau Review Issue Five Front Cover.j

Beliveau Review Issue 5

Beliveau Review Issue Six Front

Beliveau Review Issue 6

Beliveau Review Issue Seven Front Cover.

Beliveau Review Issue 7

Beliveau Review Issue Eight Front Cover.

Beliveau Review Issue 8

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